Monday, February 11, 2008

The 18th

The 18th green complex is quite wild. There is a large swale that passes behind the small putting surface - the 18th is part of a double green complex so in the above illustration the swale passes from right to left through the middle of the green. The back right pin is my favorite due to the sharp fall off behind and to the right - it is on a very steep and high corner.

There is a split fairway and ultimately two major influences that would help the player choose which one to play. The short par 4 plays into the prevailing wind, making the creek crossing tee shot much riskier on a brisk day. The pin placement can provide an advantage from either fairway as well. I thought at great lenght to make each fairway an option - sometimes with very subtle ideas, but ultimately the wind will play the biggest factor.

I also like starting and finishing on short par 4s - I only know of one other example - The Old Course at St. Andrews.

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