Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some examples of iterations - 14th Fairway

Last week I showed an image of several iterations of the course. I'm going to further explain how the process of acquiring field data and design evolution worked together. The above flash images show part of the evolution of the 14th fairway.

The first of 3 images show green highlighting - which is the planned clearing. Originally I was trying to find the best angle into the green that crossed the creek. There were two very nice live oaks that surrounded the eventual creek opening. I had to select which tree to have removed.

During the clearing Don and I found that there was an even nicer tree near the 2nd landing area - it is a par 5. So now the question was which side of the tree to go around. Between our time on site and updating the GPS and construction files it was easy to see the impacts of our decision. We decided to leave the tree - figuring we could always take it down if the hole wasn't better strategically.

The third and final image shows how we incorporated the tree into the irrigation plans. The tree location was brought back into the construction documents and the irrigation plan was modified. Note we also didn't build a few bunkers as the strategy of the tree and the shaping of the fairway created enough strategy to make 14 a very fine hole.

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