Monday, November 5, 2007

14 - Long

The 14th hole is a longish par 5. The tee shot has several bunkers in play, and not so in play. During the final phases of routing there was a beautiful live oak and I couldn't decide which way to go around the tree. Don suggested playing around it, we could always cut it down. I would have been uncomfortable with the idea, even though our client expressed his fondness of the live oaks on site from the very beginning. I think it is working out very well. We'll see how it plays very soon.

My favorite aspect of the hole is the crowned fariway in the 2nd landing area -- just past the tree. It was a natural turtle-back bookended by two existing drainage swales.

You can also see the green in the foreground -- it is quite undulated. It is just after sprigging the green -- it will be rolled several times and take on a perfectly smooth appearance once cutting and rolling have become part of our regular maintenance.

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