Sunday, September 23, 2007

15th Looks Easy Plays Hard

We put the finishing touches on the 15th green earlier this month. It has always been my favorite green – I think it is incredibly unique – and the shaping was original to the site. The directive for the course was to make it challenging and not ball hungry – our client didn’t want the player to be looking for their golf balls.
For me, besides short and wide, it also translates to a course that looks easy, but plays hard. The first picture is the 15th green from a forward tee – it is a par 3. It looks easy to me.

This picture is a closer look at the green. A sand pro is “finishing” or polishing the green. It is directly on the extents of the putting surface – the edge of where we will be mowing the green. The margin for error is slight. The green looks even better from other angles with better shading, but I'll be saving those for when this green is green.

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