Monday, September 10, 2007

9 -- Inward

The 1st and 9th holes play from the same teeing area -- away from the clubhouse. The 9th is the longest hole on the course – it can play quite long from a back teeing area. It plays around a 12 acre lake and on paper it seemed a bit formulaic – in its strategy and how well it worked from a clubhouse view. After shaping I was no longer concerned – the fairways and green turned out very well. During my concern phase I really pushed the 2nd shot landing area with two very meaty bunkers to spice up the hole.

The visual intent for the hole was to see the green and first set of bunkers from the clubhouse and teeing area. What I didn’t expect was that there would be a perfect window between some great live oaks that highlighted the 2nd bunker complex. Note the picture above. The regular tee is sighted to be exactly where the view is best - where I was standing for the picture. *The container by the right tree is temporary.

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