Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sodbuster Wayne

This spring Wayne Hansen (pictured above) was added to the team. Don Mahaffey found a most excellent local farmer with no golf experience and trained him in the world of golf agronomics. Technically he is the mechanic, as he can fix anything. Farmers generally don’t wait for service calls to harvest the fields.

He has been a huge asset and has taken to the job like a fish to water. Since we’ve started grassing Wayne has been keeping a collection of bugs found amongst our crops. Just this week he was instrumental in fending off our first invader – no small task. He has been able to really get into the grow-in and watch every sprinkler and develop his own best practices which are helping our subsequent spriggings. The course is in great hands with Don and Wayne.

Wayne is a bright guy, we’ve taken to discussing gravity over dinner – and beers. He is also very practical – he likes the new Miller Chill, not because it is gimmicky, but because it is easier when they add the lime and salt for you.
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