Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don -- Part 2 -- Creative too.

Someone doesn’t just become a task master, it is a continual process. Don Mahaffey really excels because he started with himself – caring about and carrying out all the details or insuring they are handled properly – from making sure the 2” irrigation drill bit really is 2” – it wasn’t – to making sure there are no bird baths or puddles – that everything drains even on a small scale.

In my opinion his creativeness is on par with his taskmaster abilities. Although he is very creative in the way that he manages all the details, he is also creative in an artistic sense. I drew detailed plans for the entire golf course, but the intent was to improvise in the field on both a large and small scale. To improve functionality – drainage and irrigation – playability, aesthetics and construction production effectiveness. The detailed shaping and finished playing surfaces are works of art. The fairways are unique and varied, the greens are magnificent -- and they all work functionaly and look like they play great. I think the course is going to be a tremendous amount of fun.

Pictured above, Don is planning the next few days of grassing with Wayne.

I'll have one more part in the near future...
In case you missed it -- here was Don part 1

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