Sunday, August 12, 2007

The 11th Hole

I'm skipping hole order this week given the course has changed quite a bit, and I want to share some very current data. The above image of #11 shows off the fairway contouring, the shared (with #12) bunker and the green is right of the bunker.

What is special for me about the hole? That it is the first hole we grassed - :). Truthfully it is the hole I was inspired the least by – in its pre-finish form. The intent was for it to be a challenging hole, a longer par 4. My vision was in some ways impractical with our site constraints. Don and Jacob, our shaper, both convinced me to take a more practical approach with the green complex. I think we made a very wise decision together - even if it wasn't going to rain like hell this summer. I really dig the hole now, and it still may even be one of my least favorites – I have very high regard for the rest of the holes.

Lastly, our turf farm scout said the finish on our first several holes was as good as he'd ever seen - Don - and the team (me included) - are now a bunch of finishing sombitches!
I am very excited.

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  1. Congrats on the seeding beginning, this must be a very exciting time.


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