Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sand Pros

I should explain that I am a little more excited about the all the details of this project because of how much we’ve done in-house with a modest hard working team. Don Mahaffey has run the project exceptionally well and the results are really starting to show our efforts.

As for the equipment some was furnished by our sub-contracts, some owned and we’ve rented the rest. We have been most selective with our equipment rentals from a cost perspective. Any equipment on site gets used. So I’ve been a lot more aware of what we have on site and it has been more meaningful as a result.

The above picture is of our sand pros – our finishing tools. There is a blade in front and a rake in back. The blade makes tiny cuts and fills while the rake smoothes everything out. It is quite enjoyable - reminds me of raking a zen garden, and many say their favorite part of construction. For us we'vs spent a lot of time shaping prior to the finishing stages, so it has really just been some minor details and tweaks and fixing some erosion - mostly on the greens.

After construction these machines are used to mechanically rake bunkers on most courses. Fortunately our bunkers are too deep, steep and small for these buggers to get in – so they won’t get much use in the bunkers when we are done.

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