Monday, August 6, 2007

The 3rd - pictured from above earlier this year.

My favorite aspect of the third is how the sight line is a perfect line of charm for the player standing on the tee and the green looks like it sits lightly on top of two bunker complexes - at the first landing zone and surrounding the green in the above picture. The long route to the hole looks like a recurve bow, while the direct route is the string which can be made in two strokes as there is a bit of a help from the prevailing wind.


  1. Mike,

    Nice placement of the bunker infront of the green on the direct line of play. I think too many times we try to give the golfer a "perfect" view of the approach into the green...Why???

    Also, great blog. Keep up the work!


  2. Ok, so not right on the direct line of play, but very close. Why not evn more so. Make them sneak it past the bunker to get on the green.

  3. Thank you Branden.

    In order to keep the bunkers out of play, one would need to stay as close to the left fairway edge as possible - trouble only a few yards away.

    This greens direction of slope also poses significant challenge for the player taking the wide route. Most of the greens do not have bunkers so tight to the front - we made a nice exception here - these are very much in the way.

    I don't want to say too much - but the shaping has just as much of an impact on strategy as do the bunkers.


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