Sunday, August 19, 2007

Short, wide & playable – the 4th

I read the following quote this past week in the Sports Illustrated golf plus edition – “I’ve never had a client say, ‘Build me a short, wide and playable course.’ ” It was by Tom Doak in response to the fact that clients typically want a long tough test. The word never is what struck me. How lucky is it to have a client make that request of me.

The 4th hole is short and wide and playable. My favorite element is how the green is best approached from the side. In the photo above – of the 4th green – you’ll see some shaping that isn’t the back stop of the green. If you come approach from the wrong side of the fairway – there is no getting close to several pins – one of the pins will be closer to impossible. Playable doesn’t mean easy – because this one can be, but certainly may not be.

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