Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Virescent Green Grass Growing In

The above picture was taken of the 17th green. It is growing in very well. It is very exciting for me to see the changes in person each visit. We did a number of things quite differently with both the design and construction of the greens. Don mowed one of the greens yesterday - the 2nd. He said it was very large and took him a long time to mow. I'll tell a good story about the 2nd green when I get a picture of it looking good in the early morning light. It is a stunning green.

Can you guess what type of grass this is?


  1. I think that is a good guess.
    So you are right no Tif Eagle, Mini-Verde or Champion.
    But it did come from one of the above farms.

    The blades are very small -- those leaves in the pic are quite small.

  2. Mike,

    Looks great! Do all the greens have that much coverage or is that one of the better ones? How long now since this green was sprigged?


  3. Gary,
    That was one of the first batch. It was a dense area on the green, but not any denser than the others.
    The picture was taken about 4 weeks after sprigging.
    We didn't ring the greens with sod, so it has been longer to plant as we waited for the 419 to establish first.


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