Monday, October 29, 2007

12th Hole -- short and surrounded by trouble

The 12th tee is elevated. The 12th Green is surrounded by trouble. There is only one bunker on the hole. The hole is at most 140 yards. The green slopes hard away and to the players right -- see above sketch. The hole plays with the prevailing wind. It is a very hard hole to photograph -- see below. The ideal ball flight is low and running. There is a pocket in front of the green that should act as a catchers mitt, and slow down the long aggressive ball, and propel the short ball forward. The bunker appears closer to the green than reality, and is severe. The green is also the smallest on the course. Have fun.

Looking back from beyond the green. It is tilted towards the camera.

Looking from in front of the bunker. Good luck if you try to hit a wedge.

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