Sunday, February 17, 2008

Does he want to be an astronaut?

After describing what I did for a living over dinner with some friends, Mike's date asked if I wanted to be an astronaut. I didn't think it was as bad a question as Mike did - he thought it was hilarious. This was probably 15 years ago and I was designing satellite antennas working for Lockheed Martin.

I thought of this story recently after seeing another barely recognizable professional golfer hanging up a shingle saying they were a golf course architect - kind of like an astronaut designing a space shuttle. The astronaut's input is certainly helpful when designing something they will operate - like a professional golfer - but to think without significant experiences and study that professional golfers are anything more than marketing is somewhat disappointing.

I used to be afraid of telling potential clients I have an aerospace engineering degree, mostly because if someone told me something similar I thought there would be a chance that they'd produce a golf course that looks like the picture below - which as you can tell from this blog - looks nothing like anything at Wolf Point.

With some encouragement and now that Wolf Point is nearly completed I'm going to share a bit more of my background, starting over the next few days here on the blog.

the above image is not from Wolf Point! :)

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