Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The 16th Hole

Wolf Point started on the ranch, transitioned to the creek, transitioned back to the ranch and now is finishing on the creek. The environments are not as discreet however - our goal was to blend the areas to have a similar feel. For this final stretch we did the least amount of work to this area. The natural drainage made for 3 excellent holes.

The 16th hole is a short par 4 (driver + wedge) that is highlighted by the natural contouring around the green. As can be seen from the above sketch the creek wraps around the green. And it isn't a coincidence that the green is far more receptive when the tee shot is hit closer to the creek.

I also really like the natural tree clearing line we developed to the right of the fairway. Don did a fantastic job of continuing the clearing and thinning outside the fairway lines to create better airflow and aesthetics. It is very rare to have the opportunity to enhance the areas outside the area of play.

This green is a little smaller than most of the others and helps build the challenge as one plays to the end of the round.

I had sighted one very unique tee down in the creek area - essentially blind - I called it the ShoreAcres tee - reminiscent of the 13th tee shot that is played from within the ravine. This year it rained too much to build, maybe one year.

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