Sunday, January 6, 2008

11th Stingray Green & New Banner

I spent the day at the course on Friday to meet with Don and check out the course. Everything was looking really good, the infrastructure is taking final shape and the big clubhouse is moving along. On my way out I couldn't resist one last peak of the course in the setting sun. The above picture is the 11th green at dusk. The grass is mostly dormant and looking good for the coming season.

The line of play is from the right of the picture. It is a long par 4. The right (far) side of the green is steep, but to play to the safe side of the green, there is a bunker short left of the green - as can be seen here.

I want to call it the stingray green because the ripples looks like a stingray swimming upside down - we'll see what name sticks when it starts playing.

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