Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My First Birdie

We played a modified version of the 5th hole - teeing off near the 3rd green. It played quite well - someone hit it near infierno anyway.

I'd like to describe my bag: Persimmon driver, 4 metal wood, odd irons, wedge, sand wedge & putter = 9 clubs. It is very light and old fashioned. On the alternate 5th tee Don rides up and asks when am I going to get rid of that old driver. I smacked one very far down the middle that ran forever. He said nevermind and rode off - he was unfortunately working that morning.

The above picture is of the 5th green complex (image during construction). It very much favors an approach from the right side. I played my approach a little tenative and didn't get up and down from front right of the green. My second time around I must have had Don as inspiration again as I hit a similar tee shot. I played my approach a little more aggressively towards the pin and made the putt. My first birdie. Fortunately or unfortunately it wasn't the first birdie on 5, our client is getting close to a ringer score of 9 under - it might be a little while before he birdies 17 however.

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