Friday, May 2, 2008

It was a windy day

It was'nt until I got to the 2nd tee, our first for the day, that I realized how brisk the wind was blowing. It was the prevailing wind from the south east - see above video from the afternoon - it was even brisker. My first swing was almost directly into the wind. My approach came up a little short - as it was into the wind, I wasn't sure of my distance and I was playing safe -- I was hitting from the wrong side of the fairway to the opposite sidded pin -- There was no way I could get it close. From the front of the green it was a simple up and down, for my first par at Wolf Point - and my first hole. The course plays very strategically with the wind, all the holes change heading and each green has a slightly different best angle to attack from. The greens are most difficult when playing a pitch from down wind and down slope - I ran into quite a few of those.

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