Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#2 from a secluded forward tee

Per a recent request - here is a view from a tee - #2 from a secluded forward tee. There is a short carry across the native to reach the fairway. I haven't shown many tee shot pictures because the native will take a growing season to get healthy again. We chose to not irrigate the perimeter for cost and environmental reasons. Typically the irrigation installed in the native areas is only temporary - and eventually abandoned or wasted. And often when grown back with irrigation, they become over grown and a long term management issue. Our native grasses were there before, and will be back again - in time.

After you choose which side of the fairway to hit - based on hole location - you must avoid the bunkers that look like litter blowing across a field. Both times I played last week - with Don - my approach bounced to the back edge of the green - after what I thougth were well placed shots - and left me with very difficult putts. It will take a few plays getting used to what is now a perfect maintenance meld (tm - Tom Paul). The fairways and greens are both firm and fast. Don is doing an amazing job.

I just added a link to the routing plan to the top right of the blog.
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