Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I play safe on 6 ... for now.

The 6th has always been one of Don's favorites. I'm very much looking forwad to playing together soon. We'll see how our scores compare on this one - I'm a little more conservative than him. Both times I played 6, I played safe out to the right and landed around the fringe. 3.5 is my stroke average for the hole. It is a 4wd to 3i for me - into a quatering wind from the left pushing the ball to the safe side of the green.

When I show a picture from the tee - it will be obvious how tempting it is to play aggressive. Our client did both times on our round together - and made a great up and down one of the times, almost both actually.

The picture above is the back half of the 6th green, with a tee from 7 in the background.

And in honor of Pete Dye being elected to the Golf Hall of Fame.
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