Sunday, May 4, 2008

The 3rd Green - an architectural like

My second hole for the day was the par five 3rd. The first time I played it cautiously. The second time I missed a bit. Both times I played down the right side (the less advantagous side). Both times I tried to do too much with my 3rd shot knowing how difficult it would be from the far side of the fairway. Both times I made a bogey. I was enjoying my round so much I wasn't really paying too much attention to the course, I was soaking up all the other elements of the day - mostly the fruition of all our hard work.

The above picture is of the 3rd green and the two heights of cut around the course. The green is surrounded by a tight fairway cut that extends througout the entire hole. No collar, no intermediate rough. I love that there are only two heights of cut through the green throughout Wolf Point.

The following picture is the opposite and one of my dislikes that didn't make my previous list. Please notice how many different heights of grass cuts are in the following picture all within a few feet of the green.

Not very practical, I don't like the playability, higher maintenance costs and I think it looks funny too.

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