Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2 Favorite Shots... so far

The above image is of the 2nd green, and a similar composition to the new banner image. I did receive one comment today describing this green as looking quite Walter Travis like - that is a very high compliment.

My second time playing the 2nd hole, I got a little aggressive on my second shot because I hit the correct side of the fairway, unlike the first time. It was into a strong quatering headwind - which brought the left rough into play - and where I hit my approach. My chip shot back to the hole, was a little strong, and rolled all the way down the front of the green. "Oh boy - this is some putt" is what I said and my playing partners were amused in how the designer of the course felt overwhelmed by the shot and also got himself in this prediciment to try and make a par. A bogey was in order.

The 17th hole plays long into the wind. My dart of an approach was from about 200 yards out. I was surprised when the ball ran to the back of the green. Which left an impossible putt. My client also went long. He went first and his ball just trickled over a ridge and stopped short - even with the wind blowing it down the slope. I played about 6 inches more aggressively and the ball rolled to the front edge - the margin for error was about 2 inches. Another bogey was in order.

My first round with Don is in the very near future! I am looking forward to the pin location on #2 - and everywhere else.

If you look close you can see the main clubhouse in the distance - more to come.
Here was the small clubhouse.
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