Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It is so different.... where are all the mounds?

I ran into a few vendors that have been to Wolf Point yesterday, while meeting at an existing course client. It was very cool to hear them describe our course to Charles. It was all very positive, and the comment that stood out most for me was "It is just so different". Unanimously they all really hope to see how fun it can play.

Here was a comment from someone whose opinion I respect highly:

"The course looks remarkably uncluttered"

Which can be attributed to a number of items, no visable irrigation and satellites, no cart paths, hole signs, ball washers... and the one item that is probably most responsible is the lack of containment mounding on the course. It adds to the sence of expansiveness.

Lastly I got this message from an overseas architect today:

Been lurking, saw the photos of your project and loved what I saw... especially the rolls and folds of and around the greens.
Looks like a lot of fun.
PS. Hey... where are all the mounds?

I love the above picture of the 7th green.

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