Thursday, May 1, 2008

The ride to Wolf Point

Preparation: I've spent a lot of time on the road to and from Wolf Point. It is over 100 miles from my house and I've made almost 100 trips - a few week long ones - 150 days total. I've listened to a lot of books and even more Zencasts. my ipod is filled with great music too. For yesterday I set up a playlist of some of my favorite suitable songs - Beck, Ray LaMontagne, Fiona Apple, David Gray, Johnny Cash, Bruce, Foo fighters, Glen Hansard, Gomez, Tori Amos, Rihanna, Moby, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Kendall Payne, Rodrigo y Gabriela... I got to the course in a great mood - calm, rested and no work on my mind.

The entrance to Wolf Point is quite unusual - here is a description Don wrote some time ago:

My favorite entrance drive is into Wolf Point Club.
Two miles on a gravel road through a working cattle ranch followed by some peek-a-boo looks at the golf course until it all unfolds in front of you.
Without a doubt one of the more unique driveways and I believe it'll turn out to be a great course entrance. (if you don't mind driving around a few cow pies and waiting for the bulls to clear out of the way)

The above picture is of the crew on the 7th green. That one is often photographed because it is the first green you would pass on the way to the club. Exactly as I was pulling up I got to see Don place a flag in the green - for me the first time to see any flag at Wolf Point. What a thrill. Don has unfortunately gotten used to my quick shot camera and he didn't give me anything near a pose - and he was busy getting stuff done - 8:30 is almost mid-morning for a superintendent.
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