Friday, June 22, 2007

What Clayton & Rob are looking towards...

The above image is looking in the opposite direction towards the 5th green. It was taken from the middle of the fairway - a stout poke from the tees. The shaping is all natural as it was one of several drainage collection points from the ranch, and had eroded over the years. We cleared some trees, added pipe for drainage and irrigation, spread some sand and cleaned up. It has always been and ideal spot on the course.

For perspective, when I stand just to the left of the green, I am unable to see the putting surface, and I don’t think Yao Ming would be able to either – it is deep and steep. The more you challenge the right side of the fairway the less the player has to contend with the severe shaping on the left.

Unfortunately for the player the right side challenge is Infierno bunker - more on him another day. Cheers

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