Monday, August 13, 2007

Jacob Cope

It is hard to remember how long Jacob was on site – as he was so instrumental and it seems like he was there the whole time. Jacob was our Shaper. We had other shaping support, but he was the one who really put the course in shape. I was most impressed by his abilities. He worked with detailed instruction, vague instruction, no instruction and dual instruction (when Don and I gave him opposite instructions). He handled everything in stride.
As young as he looks, he has been on helping to build courses for a long time now – he took to the work at a very young age, and his abilities on the dozer are fantastic.

A few important facts:
He likes his tea sweet and ice cream isn't ice cream unless it's Bluebell!
He's not used to walking as much as the architect, especially in mud and he is a true Texan and friend.
I hope to get him back to work for us soon.


  1. Nice blog Mr. Nuzzo

  2. How can I contact Jacob Cope?

  3. The post above yours was from Jacob.
    Send me your contact info and I'll forward it to him.


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