Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuco Visits Wolf Point Club

Who is Tuco Ramirez? Tuco is a 3.7 handicap who has been known to make double eagle and an ace in successive rounds. Tuco has seen 80+ of the World's Top 100 Golf courses. He has partied with the Foo Fighters and in 2008 he correctly predicted the rise of Gold and steep fall in the stock market.

What did Tuco think of Wolf Point?

"I've seen most of the top golf courses, modern and classic in the world. And Wolf Point is easily one of the top modern courses ever built in this bandito's humble opinion. Especially if one considers the mandate Nuzzo and Mahaffey were given and the amount of money spent, this isnt a layup or home run, this is a miracle course. For someone who loves links golf like myself, I can only envision the joy the owner of Wolf Point faces on a daily basis. Here he has a course that can play great in any wind, from any direction, not lose a ball yet play shots the way a shepard did across a lunar landscape in Scotland long ago."

"The 14th is perhaps my favorite hole. Again Mike has scattered bunkers through the landing zone on this 530ish par 5. Curiously, he also left a wonderful standout Texas Oak tree to guard the left side of the fairway. What may not be evident from this prospect is that Nuzzo did not build a simple green here for those even approaching with a wedge. The green appears to have taken the contours of the underbelly of a crab's exoskeleton -- it looked mean, nasty and sharp. The owner particularly loves the pin placements on this hole because of the challenge. I also loved putting them as Mahaffey has the surfaces at a perfect stimp for the contours."

"I really had to marvel at this golf course. Wolf Point was a shock to my system. It is beauty in its own way, like a perfectly timed bank robbery."

Monday, October 11, 2010

STGCSA Meeting & stellar golf course superintendent blogs

2 outlooks on social media:
"Dig your well before you are thirsty"
"I'm doing it, just in case it's true." -- Justin Leonard on why he was seaming the Pro V1

I will be talking to the STGCSA about blogging and social media (twitter, linkedin & facebook)
Here are the survey results regarding what the group would like to learn the most about.

Superintendent’s reasons for a blog and their feedback:
  1. Improved communication
  2. Monitor interest of membership – website traffic
  3. Higher quality info vs. mass e-mail and newsletter paragraph
  4. Timely information vs. monthly newsletter
  5. Less re-writing about the same subject over and over and over
  6. Can send a link vs. e-mailing photos which are often blocked
  7. Prime information source – not pro or green chair or member rumors
  8. Members have a huge appetite to know stuff, but hard to take the time to learn
  9. Blogging has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time!
  10. The members rave about it!
  11. Pictures help members visualization.
  12. Send out a mass e-mail after updating the blog to drive traffic.
  13. Long gone are the days of a member starting a misinformed discussion in the grill room.
  14. If I hear any type of misinformation on any subject I can squelch it in minutes and back it up with facts, pictures, links to articles from industry professionals and universities.
  15. In short, the benefits of the blog have been worth every second I’ve spent on it.
Here are some interesting recent blog posts by superintendents and examples of different ideas to share.
  1. Before & After - Arrowhead Country Club
  2. Invitational - Northland Country Club
  3. Ball Marks – Stockton Golf & Country Club
  4. Bald Eagles – The Minikahda Club
  5. Lightning - Onwentsia Club
  6. Pin locations - Northmoor Country Club
  7. Benefits of Golf – San Luis Obispo County Golf Courses
  8. Results of maintenance – Stockton Golf & Country Club
  9. About the super – Cinnabar Hills Golf Club
  10. Gang Mower - Wolf Point Club
  11. Research & Development – Hawks Landing Golf Club
  12. FAQs - Oakland Hills Country Club
  13. Turfgrass Terminology – Paul Sabino, The Farms Country Club
Forget the Newsletter - write your own blog:
Get started
Instructional video

Lastly, 5 things I couldn’t work without and whole heartedly endorse:
Very own free radio station - Pandora
Music jukebox – Grooveshark – for after I use my monthly free hours of Pandora
Photo + video management & sharing – Picassa
Browser – Chrome
Camera – Canon Powershot

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Nuzzo Course Design

My firm is 10 years old.
My goal has always been to make any golf course as good and as enjoyable as possible.
Pictured above is #12 at Wolf Point.
I’m thrilled that every golfer who has played Wolf Point thinks it’s as fun as I do.

Some player comments:

“the most natural looking golf course I’ve ever seen”

“the 16th green is probably my favorite on the entire course, which by the way is like trying to pick out your favorite Victoria's Secret model.“

“After MUCH reflection, my round at Wolf Point was probably the greatest round of golf I've ever played. I've only experienced a similar feeling once in my life.”

"Wolf Point looks like Shinneock meets St. Andrews."

“If Scotland is like Wolf Point, I want to go.”

“Wolf Point’s bunker positioning is clever, they look so random, and they aren't.“

“I have a hunch that Wolf Point might just be the biggest undiscovered gem in the entire world.”

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