Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fix Ups Made Simple

The Summer's Golf Inc issue arrived this week. Inside is an article I wrote with the help of a couple friends. Don Mahaffey, our project superintendent and Ian Andrew a fellow architect from Toronto. Both have had many years of great experiences helping clubs improve - even with practical budgets. I believe we can make any course more fun, often inexpensively.

I wrote the article after hearing anecdotal stories about new owners of bankrupt golf courses who hired architects that subsequently put forward grand plans to make the course get on the top magazine lists. Why waste a million dollars to be the 7th best course in a city? There are better ways to improve a golf course - with both the player and owner in mind - not just to improve the architect's accolade web page.

Here is the link to the Golf Inc. article

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A golf course on the ocean.

I don't like to publicize close calls where we almost got to build a golf course - they could come back - and it is depressing - which was the case with the picture above.
We visited this site twice - they were great visits for a number of reasons.
We could have built a hell of a golf course here.
My fingers are crossed, if not for here for somewhere almost as nice.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Red Velvet Cow Killer

These insects would spook me a little each time I saw one. This time I got a little braver to get a good picture - not knowing if the red was a danger warning - or a mimicking warning. Glad I didn't pet it as it gets its nickname, cow killer, for their extremely painful sting.

It is a Mutillidae in the wasp family - also called a Red velvet ant. Pictured above is a female - they thankfully don't fly!
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