Monday, May 17, 2010

Don on #7

Don and I had a match recently. I had a 3 up lead until we got to #12. There is definitely a home field advantage. I haven't beaten Don or our client in too long!

I have to settle for good pictures of Don hitting out of our bunkers. At least this was a cool new angle on #7. This is the last hole we built, and it went through several changes - the end result is that it turned out very well - it gets high marks from both of us.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nice Try!

I got a nice call today from a gentleman who was traveling to the area of the golf course. He had a bet with his friends that there was a course - they didn't believe him - and he was determined to win his bet, and try and find a great place for them to play. Turns out he won his bet - but won't be getting to play.

If he ever did make it into the clubhouse he'd better watch out for our new friend... see above. He does help keep out the uninvited guests. He is over 12' long.
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