Thursday, August 28, 2008

The 10th for the first time...

I haven't shown any pictures of number 10 before. Please enjoy the above image. The green is in the foreground with the tee just on the other side of the lake. When we played it for the first time it was about 265 yards. In the fivesome - there was just one par - and it wasn't me. It was a VERY difficult hole location. We all were within 25 yards of the putting surface - less one slicer who put a couple in the lake. I chipped and 3 putted from my 20 yards - I played my tee shot too far too the left away from the lake - it is a much tougher angle. The wind was down too - it usually plays into the prevailing wind. It is the first fairway we shaped. Did I forget to mention that the fairway is 60 yards wide without a single bunker on the hole.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now for the 6th green

The bump on the front of the 6th green is there to make it a little trickier if you play the tee shot safe. I can attest that it works well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The 6th Hole

The 6th has been tough for me. I aim right edge of the green every time - the creek is just too costly. But I make bogey more often than a 3 because of the contours.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Playing all 18 for the first time --- Wow!

I had a blast. The above scorecard is from our first 18 hole round. We played in a fivesome. It was great. Everyone loved it. Some of the holes were quite surprising for the guests - the yardages were very unexpected for everyone (many 1/2 pars). I was quite nervous at the start - as noted by my scores - I had a TC Chen in honor of the PGA on the first. I couldn't make a putt either - it was a little overwhelming for me. It was also a very hot++ and humid day - I was drenched before I started -- It was a very easy walk even still.

The newly opened holes - 8 through 13 went by way too fast. They all were so varied.
I am very much looking forward to my first round with Don - we accomplished so much.
There is sill some work to go but huge congratulations to the team.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comments are encouraged!

I love getting comments from respected friends and professionals. Here are a few from this week - please read to the end. :)

"I noticed this morning the grrrrrrreat! (imagine Tony the Tiger....) pictures of Wolf Point...."

"Just saw some of the updated pics of Wolf Point.
Looks fantastic. The fairway contours look unbelievable."

"The course looks awesome."

"THIS is what a golf course in Texas should look like."

"The latest progress on your design...looks absolutely fantastic!"

"The pictures are phenomenal."

Don & Mike
"... we are always searching for something new and different; something that has the feel of originality. Originality is the element that draws us ... and that is the element you have captured at Wolf Point. You have created something that feels fresh and original. Congratulations!

The above picture is of the 5th green and approach.
VERY BIG DAY FRIDAY - and I don't mean the PGA.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The 2nd Green from two perspectives

Above is the 2nd green again. This picture was taken from just behind the bunker. Notice the contours.

When I take a few steps back, and get a few feet in the air, the green changes completely (see below). I hope it is evident that the tee shot placement in the fairway matters a great deal.

From the left side of the fairway the right side of the green falls away from the approach, and from the right side of the fairway the left side of the green falls away.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Routing Plan #11

Nine months in is when we finalized the above routing plan. We had cleared the creek for the potential 16th hole, and with a better look at the property it the holes along the creek were going to be much more practical to build and I think way better. They turned out great.

Previously I was asked about the tees that have started showing up on the plan. On this version you can see two sets of center lines. The red are the regular tees (approx 6500 yds) and the green are the forward tees (approx 4500 yards). There are also several other light green circles spread around each green. The philosophy is that what ever hole length the player prefers, it will be a minimum walk to the next tee. As a very private course we were able to surround the greens with potential tees. They aren't traditional looking if anything they are hard to find - as they blend into the green complexes. For the 4500 yard tees I had fun placing them in very strategic locations - there are also many other options if one didn't want to take on infierno bunker.

We found ideal tee locations for having the stratagies play as differently for every hole as possible - also taking into account the strong prevailing winds. With so much fairway the winner of the hole can choose almost any spot to tee off from. And there are several cross country holes to choose from as well as a few backwards ones

The tree shows up now in the middle of the 14th and the bunkers are becoming finalized - with some more changes yet to come...

Friday, August 1, 2008

The other side of the bunker

Just on the other side of this bunker is the first green. Please note the lack of containment mounding. Until the construction clubhouse is complete the tee will be playing a little forward - which is fine by me as I've birdied this one twice so far. With the tee back 20 yards I will certainly need to change my tee ball strategy.

I got a very nice message saying that Wolf Point looked more like it was along the Firth of Forth (in Scotland) than along the Gulf of Mexico.
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