Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Architectural Dislike #3: Truncated Cone Tees

Again I'm a bit at a loss for a good picture to illustrate my dislike. I should note to collect more pictures of what I don't like to share with future clients and shapers. So in doing a web search for truncated cone - the above picture turned up - which is far more appetizing than as a tee.

There was and is a predisposition for the golfer to want to see the entire hole when on the tee. Hence the popularity of the elevated tee. I do not like when all 4 or 5 tees are separate land forms that all look like volcanoes. They are artificial looking, hard to climb, harder to maintain and build and they can posses a safety risk. I think their overuse is indicative of a poor routing plan. You won't see any of these at Wolf Point Club.

Pictured is a Crème brûlée.
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