Friday, December 28, 2007

Architectural Dislike #7: Long Walks from Green to Tee

The two most important parts of designing and building a golf course are starting (the routing plan) and finishing. A good routing almost always keeps the holes close to each other with short green to tee walks. It provides an intimate setting and facilitates keeping a continuity while playing. The time to reflect and enjoy ones time on the course is when walking from the hitting spot to where the ball comes to rest.

The above picture is from a very memorable round I played a few years ago. I highlighted the ride from a green to the next tee. I say ride as it is an impossible course to walk. It was incredible the number of long walks on the course, which in great part lead to this being one of the worst courses I've ever seen.

Wolf Point's total walk from the first tee to the 18th green is approximately 4.3 miles. The walks from green to tee are miniscule. For reference the above pictured course's walk would have been above 7 miles - if one was allowed to walk.
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