Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A couple of media mentions

Last week Nuzzo Course Design was mentioned in a couple places:

I was asked to be a judge for Golf Inc Magazine's annual development of the year awards.
Some were nice, but most were still overdone.  Some of the best golf courses in the world have been built on practical budgets.  I don't think many developments are marketing to players.  Pretty pictures will bring someone down once.  The golf course had better be really good if you want them to come back.

Here are a few of my comments about the nominations:
  • At that price I’m not sure how the mission could be achieved. The ride from 9 to 10 is one of the longest I have ever seen. Too much water for the public golfer to enjoy regularly.
  • Too much water, way spread out, over done bunkering.
  • Does not blend seamlessly into the native environment – not even close. Lots of water and 11 parallel hole corridors – 8 of them side by side.
  • The routing appears a bit disjointed with some large separations between holes. Some of the shaping and features are overdone, and some of the bunkering looks really good and original.
  • Nice to see non-returning 9s, fewer restraints usually leads to a better course.
  • Some pictures show good restraint and very nice golf holes, others seem to shout look at me.
  • Would have done better with fewer and less busy looking bunkers.
There was also a brief mention of some of my work at Champions Golf Club in Golf Course Industry Magazine.  The picture above is during the range renovation at Champions.  In the foreground is a sub-meter GPS measuring device.  I can map my designs on to the ground and record what happens in the field as we go - to make sure the irrigation is efficient and in this case to get the tee line oriented perfectly.  In the background a laser is used to measure the finish work and helps keep the tee perfectly on plane.
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