Monday, July 25, 2011

Updated google earth aerial of Wolf Point Golf Club

The first time Google earth had captured our work at Wolf Point I was alerted by our crack inspector - my father - who was just as excited to see it from above as I. It was under construction in the satellite image and it showed the different stages of construction.

Recently I checked and found the 3rd iteration of the golf course aerial - see above. This one is recent. I'll need Don to accurately add a date. The course is more mature and grown-in (often it takes a few years).

What pops out for me? The areas that we hardly disturbed look easier to maintain, but those are also the areas along the creek - where water naturally heads anyway.

The file I compiled from Google is very large, large enough so show detailed areas and holes in the coming weeks or months.

Can you see the routing - or identify all the holes?  Hint:  Start from the building in the middle.

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