Thursday, March 27, 2008

Emerald Bermuda

The greens are getting dense. The title is the answer to this previous entry.


  1. I guessed Floradwarf earlier. Has the experience with the emerald been consistent throughout? Have there been any unexpected challenges associated with the strain?

    Also, you mentioned the second green. When do we get the rest of the story?


  2. Wyatt,
    It has gone really well.
    Many were planted late in the year and they have really taken off.
    The ones that were planted really late are getting ready to go.

    Don might be able to say more - but he usually says all positive about the grass and Morris - Champion turf farm.

  3. Wyatt,
    Given that the greens were planted from Mid-Oct to Mid-Nov amd most already have 90% coverage, I'm very thrilled with the Emerald. Usually you need some warm months for that kind of growth to happen, although I'd like to think some of our techniques helped things along.
    So far no unexpected challenges. The best ones are being lowered right now and will be rolling in the 8-9 range in 2-3 weeks.

    Don Mahaffey


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