Tuesday, January 27, 2009

False Front

A false front is a forward portion of the green that from the tee looks like green and that the ball can land and stay on the surface, but is too steep to hold a ball.

Don came up short on #12 below the false front.  This hole may have squared the match up. I was down by 4 early. He was hoping to get up and down, but my birdie sure did rattle him for my eventual win 2&1.

Some recent comments on Wolf Point from near and afar:

I remember every single hole and shot at Wolf Point.

Playing WP is a fantastic way to spend a day.
I think very highly of Wolf Point and I am blown away that it was your first solo effort. your client was very lucky to have found you and Don.
Like St. Andrews, it does provide a very strong home field advantage.

The fairway and green shaping is 10 out of 10! Can’t wait to see it.

Don will be at the GIS too.
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