Tuesday, January 13, 2009

173 Tees

I recently finished GPS mapping all of the grassing areas and features - greens, fairways & tees. When Don and I play a round the winner of the hole chooses where to tee from - usually very close to where we sank our putts. I did win our last match 2&1, but more about that another day.

The philosophy of the courses tees was to have as many different interesting locations to start a hole from, and it only needed to be a small flat spot. They don't look like tees - they aren't raised above the ground like the things elephants stand on at the circus.

It turns out there are 173 big, little, funky, cool spots to start playing from.  The main clubhouse is surrounded by tees as represented by the green circles in the above illustration of the GPS'd data.  Many of which can be used as tees for either the 1st or 9th hole - depending on your mood, your game and your opponents game.

Different winds and different tees combine for unique angles and strategies every day.
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