Sunday, August 3, 2008

Routing Plan #11

Nine months in is when we finalized the above routing plan. We had cleared the creek for the potential 16th hole, and with a better look at the property it the holes along the creek were going to be much more practical to build and I think way better. They turned out great.

Previously I was asked about the tees that have started showing up on the plan. On this version you can see two sets of center lines. The red are the regular tees (approx 6500 yds) and the green are the forward tees (approx 4500 yards). There are also several other light green circles spread around each green. The philosophy is that what ever hole length the player prefers, it will be a minimum walk to the next tee. As a very private course we were able to surround the greens with potential tees. They aren't traditional looking if anything they are hard to find - as they blend into the green complexes. For the 4500 yard tees I had fun placing them in very strategic locations - there are also many other options if one didn't want to take on infierno bunker.

We found ideal tee locations for having the stratagies play as differently for every hole as possible - also taking into account the strong prevailing winds. With so much fairway the winner of the hole can choose almost any spot to tee off from. And there are several cross country holes to choose from as well as a few backwards ones

The tree shows up now in the middle of the 14th and the bunkers are becoming finalized - with some more changes yet to come...

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