Monday, August 11, 2008

Playing all 18 for the first time --- Wow!

I had a blast. The above scorecard is from our first 18 hole round. We played in a fivesome. It was great. Everyone loved it. Some of the holes were quite surprising for the guests - the yardages were very unexpected for everyone (many 1/2 pars). I was quite nervous at the start - as noted by my scores - I had a TC Chen in honor of the PGA on the first. I couldn't make a putt either - it was a little overwhelming for me. It was also a very hot++ and humid day - I was drenched before I started -- It was a very easy walk even still.

The newly opened holes - 8 through 13 went by way too fast. They all were so varied.
I am very much looking forward to my first round with Don - we accomplished so much.
There is sill some work to go but huge congratulations to the team.


  1. Congrats, Mike! It's a great accomplishment and thanks for blogging about it. It's been really a lot of fun to read along.

  2. Interesting addition on that back nine Mike

  3. Thankfully someone can add.
    Our scorer certainly couldn't.
    I'm looking forward to posting a better card soon.
    I'm glad you were paying attention.

    Thank you Taylor.
    I will keep sharing too.


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