Thursday, August 28, 2008

The 10th for the first time...

I haven't shown any pictures of number 10 before. Please enjoy the above image. The green is in the foreground with the tee just on the other side of the lake. When we played it for the first time it was about 265 yards. In the fivesome - there was just one par - and it wasn't me. It was a VERY difficult hole location. We all were within 25 yards of the putting surface - less one slicer who put a couple in the lake. I chipped and 3 putted from my 20 yards - I played my tee shot too far too the left away from the lake - it is a much tougher angle. The wind was down too - it usually plays into the prevailing wind. It is the first fairway we shaped. Did I forget to mention that the fairway is 60 yards wide without a single bunker on the hole.


  1. With the rumpled fairways and prevailing wind, it would appear that we have ourselves a wonderful little half-par hole. Great stuff Mike!

  2. Great photo, Mike - really shows off the contours. How much of that fairway is natural and how much was shaped? If most of that is you guys... WOW.


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