Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last week The Eden Green at The Old Course was one of the best in the world.

The Old Course at St. Andrews was established in 1552, and has enjoyed the recreational golfer since the early 1400's.  It is a public and publically owned golf course.  On Sundays it becomes a park for anyone to stroll the grounds - pets are welcome too!

Today a fellow player, Colin Donaldson, tweeted the above picture - he shot a 72 amongst the rubble.
The picture is of The Eden green (#11) and is roughly 10,000 square feet – not counting the adjoined 7th green.
I’ve heard, and remember, the slope of the green is more than 4%, or it rises 1 foot for every 25 feet.
To get the slope down to "their" desired pinable level, or more fair?!?, it would have to be reduced to ~2%.
That means if the change in elevation from the front of the green to the back is 4 feet, the back would have to drop 2 feet.

To drop the back 2 feet, it would require almost the entire side to be disturbed.
That is what is happening in the above picture.
They chose a starting point for where the green would need to be cut to achieve the 2 ft drop in the back without looking like a shelf.
The area is large, it appears as if they are disturbing 2,500 sft.
The sod has been cut and removed and placed so it can be replaced and replanted when complete.
They are using a laser to help measure and ensure that the desired slopes are achieved.
It is a usually slow process.
I assume they would also need to adjust the irrigation line and lower the surrounding irrigation sprinklers.

Why does this matter?
Last week this was one of the coolest holes in the World, now it is a little less unique.

You can follow us on twitter for now and we’ll be posting more about this greatest of holes.
It is too late, but still informative: #Savetheoldcourse.
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