Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Moji!

Last night Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard played Jones Hall, the Houston Symphony Orchestra's home venue.  I thought it was a great show filled with variety, I like variety - here is a review of the previous night's show.  

Throughout the evening Eddie would tell stories before each segment of songs.  {Don't let his most recent album's name fool you, "Ukulele Songs" has some powerful music live.  His 2nd Ukulele (from the 1950s) of the night was so strong and vibrant, he was only able to set the volume to 2?}  

When Eddie got to the early Pearl Jam set, he described how long it has been - 20 years - that we have all lived with these songs.  When he wrote them he was in a much different, angrier, place.  He shared and acknowledged his experiences with the audience as if we lived them together, because we did.  Although it was some of those anger filled songs that brought everyone together, and now that life is much clearer, hopefully for everyone, we can still share the songs in a meaningful way. (Here is the Setlist.)

The things that we share can help make us closer.  Especially common interests over an extended period of time.  Even if we weren't together, they are a form of shared experiences.  Playing the game of golf would certainly fit this long term shared experience.  Many of the people I know that appreciate the game have done so for a long time.  This is obvious when playing.  

I wish the goal of reconnecting those that share a similar passion was higher up the priority list in the business world of golf.  It seems more and more that the business of golf's goal is to provide pristine conditions and an unparalled experience?  When in truth they can't compete with the joy of sharing and playing the game as a youngster with our super-extended family.  And that doesn't cost a thing, it comes free with every round.

So who is Moji?  I had forgotten about her too.  Three years ago I saw Glen Hansard perform during his Once tour.  It was brilliant.  And that night while coaching and coaxing the audience to sing with him, someone standing directly next to me, Moji, belted out a few notes.  Moji was so awesome Glen had to bring her up on stage: check out this youtube video from that night and a review of the magical night.

Fast forward to last night.  It turns out that Glen did not forget Moji.  She was back and even better.  She sang duets with both Glen and Eddie!  And was part of the "Hard Sun" trio during the final encore! Setlist

Moji can sure show us that greatness can come from almost anywhere if we stay open minded.
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