Monday, March 9, 2009


We had Don and our client on the ropes in our match. We got to the 10th tee. We were playing a better ball match - remember Wolf Point is a match play course!

The 10th hole is a short reachable par 4 - down wind anyway - into the wind is a little bit of a stretch. The fairway is 70 yards wide. There are no bunkers. The lake protects the right side of the hole. If you play safe or miss away from the lake - where Don lay - the approach to the green is far more difficult than the middle of the fairway - where we lay.

Don would have been to the right of the above image with about 75 yards to the pin which was tucked up closer to the slope than above (the flag would be more towards the viewer/camera).

Basically we are way ahead. Don hits a two hopper that runs up against the green ridge - like a tight rope walker - 6 inches to the left and the ball would boomerang below the pin - 6 inches to the right it would have kicked further right. It falls right into the hole!

An amazing eagle!

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