Friday, March 13, 2009

Where can someone go to learn about developing golf?

I was describing to Will at the recent ULI conference that for the past couple years the developers of resorts have been asking how to develop golf for less. The number that gets bantered around is $14MM for a resort course. So what was the response from the golf architect community? -- design 3-6 hole golf courses!!  

"No wonder no one is coming here any more.  If all you've ever done is build 14+ million dollar courses and we've proven that model doesn't work, why in the world would we listen to anything that the experts have to say? We should be doing the opposite of what you've done. Your solution is to build 3 hole courses?"  -- Will

Last year someone asked me "Why do I need a golf course?"  He was told that he needed golf to have a successful resort - but he didn't think it was good value.  Where can someone go to learn about developing golf if not here?

Golf is too expensive
Golf is too hard
Golf is only there to sell real estate

Pictured above is the 16th green at Wolf Point.  Our answer.  We'll be talking more about the questions next week.
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