Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three times as much fairway as the PGA Championship

This week the PGA Championship is being contested at The Ocean Course at Kiawah.  It is a very good golf course and certainly challenging, especially with so many angled fairways.  The course has 28 acres of fairway, not always easy to hit, and in my opinion way too tight for the average player.

When I tell people about Wolf Point, I describe the course as fairway everywhere.  When I say we have over 84 acres of fairway, the average player has no idea what that means.  It means we have three times as much fairway as a "Championship" golf course.

How does that effect a game a Wolf Point?  It means you can keep playing, instead of fighting off alligators, in stead of looking for your ball.  It certainly doesn't mean it is easy.

I would like to know if any golf course in the world has more fairway than Wolf Point?  I doubt it.  

*Later this week I have an illustration of what our course would look like with 28 acres of fairway.

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