Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuco Visits Wolf Point Club

Who is Tuco Ramirez? Tuco is a 3.7 handicap who has been known to make double eagle and an ace in successive rounds. Tuco has seen 80+ of the World's Top 100 Golf courses. He has partied with the Foo Fighters and in 2008 he correctly predicted the rise of Gold and steep fall in the stock market.

What did Tuco think of Wolf Point?

"I've seen most of the top golf courses, modern and classic in the world. And Wolf Point is easily one of the top modern courses ever built in this bandito's humble opinion. Especially if one considers the mandate Nuzzo and Mahaffey were given and the amount of money spent, this isnt a layup or home run, this is a miracle course. For someone who loves links golf like myself, I can only envision the joy the owner of Wolf Point faces on a daily basis. Here he has a course that can play great in any wind, from any direction, not lose a ball yet play shots the way a shepard did across a lunar landscape in Scotland long ago."

"The 14th is perhaps my favorite hole. Again Mike has scattered bunkers through the landing zone on this 530ish par 5. Curiously, he also left a wonderful standout Texas Oak tree to guard the left side of the fairway. What may not be evident from this prospect is that Nuzzo did not build a simple green here for those even approaching with a wedge. The green appears to have taken the contours of the underbelly of a crab's exoskeleton -- it looked mean, nasty and sharp. The owner particularly loves the pin placements on this hole because of the challenge. I also loved putting them as Mahaffey has the surfaces at a perfect stimp for the contours."

"I really had to marvel at this golf course. Wolf Point was a shock to my system. It is beauty in its own way, like a perfectly timed bank robbery."
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