Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Nuzzo Course Design

My firm is 10 years old.
My goal has always been to make any golf course as good and as enjoyable as possible.
Pictured above is #12 at Wolf Point.
I’m thrilled that every golfer who has played Wolf Point thinks it’s as fun as I do.

Some player comments:

“the most natural looking golf course I’ve ever seen”

“the 16th green is probably my favorite on the entire course, which by the way is like trying to pick out your favorite Victoria's Secret model.“

“After MUCH reflection, my round at Wolf Point was probably the greatest round of golf I've ever played. I've only experienced a similar feeling once in my life.”

"Wolf Point looks like Shinneock meets St. Andrews."

“If Scotland is like Wolf Point, I want to go.”

“Wolf Point’s bunker positioning is clever, they look so random, and they aren't.“

“I have a hunch that Wolf Point might just be the biggest undiscovered gem in the entire world.”

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