Sunday, October 18, 2009

Green Theory Notes

Some notes on our Green Theory and what we created at Wolf Point (2nd green pictured above):

There are no rules - the following are some observations from our work.
Greens fit the client and the business model, including maintenance goals
An open green front for run-up shots – few forced carries
Each green will be original and different from the rest and in the same family or seem related.
Proportional variation - some may look the same but play different.
Fit settings without any conspicuous or artificial mounding
Contours vary from subtle to bold – with no distinct levels or shelfs – more like soft organic folds
Accentuated by micro movement and drainage exit points in multiple locations
Simple circular mow patterns that would ideally blend into the subsequent teeing complex
Start with a minimum of pin settings and area based on amount of play
Rewarding of multiple approach angles based on client – front, left, right, back and multiple - which is generally accomplished with varying tilts and surface biases
(Based on client as a private club may have more greens that run away from the player)
Wolf Point is unique in total rounds will never be over a few thousand – so we designed as fun as possible – the client will be playing every single day – we needed to keep it interesting every day.
Preliminary sketches may look simple – but they are rather complex upon description
Their interest comes from the 3rd dimension

From above the greens appear as circles or ellipses – no squiggly mow lines creating artificial interest – same with the fairways.
Wolf Point greens are Emerald Bermuda – in fitting with the clients maintenance requirements
The immediate surrounds are also Emerald Bermuda – allowing for full circles and uniform water requirements
The greens mix was excavated from on site – at an installation cost of way less than $1 a ton. Morris Brown and an agronomist preferred the native materials over a spec mix.
The roots are currently over 8” long and performing great in this drought year.
The above two items saved approximately $500,000 at Wolf Point and will be a consideration for all my future warm season projects.
Greens should roll at speeds appropriate to the clientele and slope
At Wolf Point they will roll up to a 10+ and are VERY FIRM
Sizes range from 4,500 to 10,000 sft.

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