Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mike and I

My oldest friend came to visit. We've been playing together for years around the country. We caddied together in High School. We were also 2 of 5 Mikes in our 2nd grade class.

Here were some of his thoughts of the course:

• The rolls and waves of the fairways looked awesome. But deceptive, as I thought I’d have some troublesome lies with a second or third shot. But in actuality I can’t recall the ball being very much above or below my feet more than a couple times in several rounds.

• The visual from the tees are very calming, appealing, and natural looking. Tee shots do not feel intimidating and in essence that probably leads to a false sense of security on the tee. (more deception)

• Options near the green were endless and really made me think. Do I bump and run, chip, pitch, flop, putt, putt a hybrid….. After I would hit a greenside shot, the ‘what-ifs’ enter your head.

• There is a certain aura and peacefulness about the course that made me feel very good. And made me feel that at the time, there was no place I’d rather be.

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