Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Byron Nuzzo

Pictured above are my father, Uncle Jim & Uncle Dom standing on the 5th green. I was very fortunate to bring them to the course this past week. My client is very gracious.

They had a ball. I'm not sure when, but for a long time whenever it is an outing of all Nuzzo's it automatically becomes a tournament round. It has the moniker of The Byron Nuzzo - out of respect for Lord Byron. My Uncle Jim is the self appointed president for life and defines the rules this way -- our tournaments are more like Boxing. The winner is the Champ - no provisions for past records or performance. I must have been too gracious of a host myself as I wound up trounced. Wolf Point is very challenging if one isn't paying attention.

We had a great time full of new firsts - not the least of which was playing on my first solo course.

They introduced me to this great game and an appreciation for spending time with loved ones - for this I am forever grateful.

I did regain the title before they got on a plane back home.
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